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We manufacture every seat cover in our own saddlery! We place the highest demands on our production quality, see for yourself! Each of our models is developed precisely at the original seat bench and only goes into production when we are satisfied with the seat, the fit and the course of the seams!

In order to offer you the best possible comfort, we have developed our own GELPAD that fits perfectly with our COMFORT and ANTI-SLIP series! Our gel pad consists of a hand-laminated high-performance silicone and is much more durable than ordinary gel pads. It is compatible with seat heating systems. When you install a gel pad, you usually have to glue a thin foam to the whole seat to cover up the transitions between the gel pad and the original foam. This will change the volume of the seat so that it may change your usual sitting position! Our COMFORT and ANTI-SLIP covers have their own sewn-in foam padding in the seating area, this does not change your sitting position and save you unnecessary effort!